WHY INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY MATTERS TO US Our company believes a diverse and inclusive work environment is about more than understanding or accepting attributes such as race, gender and religious beliefs. It means leveraging the variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that make each individual unique for the purpose of moving our organization to be world class.


To encourage True Value to lead the way as an inclusive wholesaler through employment practices, supplier decisions, and community involvement.


To cultivate an inclusive environment where diverse ideas and individual perspectives are expected, respected and valued.


Theresa Shea

True Value has truly become a leader in the Chicago-land area for inclusion and diversity work. Our programs - both voluntary and mandatory - have garnered attention from companies large and small who hope to emulate what we have created. What a benefit to our brand! It is amazing to be able to work on something that is so personally meaningful and which can truly benefit the business.
Theresa Shea
Vice President & General Counsel


Antoine Hinton

Inclusion matters to me and to True Value Company because it makes associates feel valued, trusted, and empowered. It ultimately leads to better engagement and helps in retaining, as well as attracting, new talent. At the core of inclusion is diversity, which we embrace because we all come from different walks of life and our unique characteristics, ideas, backgrounds, and experiences not only make us a better company, but a more innovative one with a competitive advantage. More simply, it's just the right thing to do. No one should ever feel excluded or ostracized because they are different from their peers. Everyone should be embraced and treated equally. By celebrating our associates' differences, we maximize our full potential.
Antoine Hinton
Sr. Global Product Merchant- Lawn & Garden


 Brian Rhinehart

Working as the Assistant Lead on the Inclusion and Diversity Council has allowed me to work on numerous initiatives to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment here at True Value Company. When people come to work every day they feel welcome, included and able to be their true and authentic selves which makes our company stronger and more competitive than ever. This is why inclusion and diversity matters to me and why it's a top priority here at True Value Company.
Brian Rhinehart
Events & Exhibits Specialist



Supplier Diversity Conference


True Value's Supplier Diversity Program proactively partners with diverse businesses to procure goods and services that align with our corporate business strategies. It’s our mission to foster an inclusive environment that provides maximum opportunities for diverse businesses to participate as partners and suppliers of goods and services. Learn more.


We are committed to proactively seeking diverse talent by attending various diversity job fairs throughout the city. Through these events, we interact directly with a myriad of potential candidates that we may not have the opportunity to speak with otherwise. Our Inclusion & Diversity recruiting committee is dedicated to expanding & influencing True Value’s diversity talent pool.


We strive for a company culture that continually advocates for inclusion and diversity of all associates and communities. We don't just talk the talk. We walk the walk. To achieve this, we offer numerous I&D training, engagement and community outreach opportunities throughout the year. From cultural lunch & learns to local volunteerism and everything in between, there is no shortage of meaningful and eye-opening I&D experiences for associates at True Value.


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