Meet Our Family

“We opened the business in 1996. A few years prior to opening we had attended Rental University, a weekly training program that True Value held in Bowler, PA. It was a great experience. As a result of the session, we knew people in the Rental Department who became invaluable resources for answering our questions. They helped us overcome the learning curve involving the idiosyncrasies of the rental business. From the time we joined, until now, we’ve always gotten good support.”

Jake and Jack Bishop

“True Value [rental] does a really good job on benchmark reporting. You can do a cost of doing business analysis that lets you know how you’re doing compared to other stores of your size. It’s segmented by categories such as party, general rental and construction. Obviously, everybody’s market is a little different, but it still gives you a really good idea of whether you’re in the ballpark or not.”

Jack Bishop
Taylor Rental,
Petoskey, Michigan