Reasons to Own

Rental is not as Price Sensitive as Retail

Rental responds to the immediate needs of the customer. Factors such as the condition and professional quality of rental equipment, supporting services and the way inventory is displayed have a greater influence on prospective rental customers than price alone. The primary concern of most rental customers isn't cost, but whether they have the right tools or equipment for the job.

Partnering with the American Rental Association

Our affiliation with the American Rental Association provides dealers with a wealth of industry expertise, product knowledge and educational opportunities. In addition to hosting the largest rental trade show in the world, the ARA acts as an advocate for the rental industry in national and state government and provides members with risk management tools, products and services to help dealers operate more efficiently, safely and profitably.

Access to Training Equipment & Support

True Value’s rental program provides access to the best training, rental equipment, decor packages, collateral material and support in the industry. The True Value Rental staff also provides on-going support to all independent owners, including the convenience of a toll free number to answer inquiries.

Ongoing Support from the Rental Team

Market Evaluation. Even before a commitment is made, a Rental Consultant will develop a comprehensive market study that analyzes demographics, competition, real estate opportunities and other rental market factors.

Store Design. Whether you are going into an existing location or constructing a new building, a professional store layout will be developed to maximize your store’s area, including integration of counters, fixtures and checkout area.

Fleet Planning. Your Rental Consultant will also visit your area to assess your best rental opportunities and suggest market-specific products.

Marketing. Effective marketing is the key to the success of your new business. Your goal is to keep the customer at the center of your business. We can recommend a variety of up-to-the-minute ways to increase your business including print circulars, website development, direct mail tools and more.

Insurance Coverage. We leverage insurance partners in the marketplace to provide competitive programs to support your business.

Generating Profits from a Powerful Product Mix

Our merchandising team works diligently to stock our warehouses with name brand products at competitive prices. Based on the requirements of your specific market, you can offer a variety of rental equipment and supplies that are backed by highly respected manufacturers.

Equipment to get the job done right for:

  • Contractors
  • Do-it-yourselfers
  • Homeowners
  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Professionals

Party & Event Supplies:

  • Party tents and inflatables
  • Tables and chairs
  • Tabletop settings
  • Dance floors
  • Entertainment accessories
  • Grills and cooking equipment
  • Audio/video equipment