Q: Are there any franchise or royalty fees?

A: Yes, fee is calculated as a percentage of gross rental revenue. 

Q: How long does it take to become a member?

A: Depending on the complexity of the business situation it can take up to 6-8 weeks.

Q: How do I get started? Who do I contact?

A: If you’re interested in becoming a member, simply fill out the form online or call 1-866-878-7378 
to speak with an associate in our Specialty Business Department.

Q: What product lines do you offer?

A: True Value Company stocks over 70,000 items in 13 regional distribution centers. This gives you many choices and enables you to easily customize your product mix to match your target market. We work with thousands of vendors, including Drop Ship vendors, to offer an array of top national brands and we offer special regional assortments.

Q: What kind of training and support is available?

A: True Value University (TVU) provides rental specific training in Cary, IL multiple times per year. 

Q: What type of store owner is True Value looking for?

A: We are looking for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping people solve problems. Our preference is that the individual has retail business experience.

Q: What markets are available?

A: If you have a store location in mind, please reference that information when you are completing the Get Started Form.

Q: How many stores can I own?

A: There is no limit – the likelihood of success and profitability increases as you open more stores.