Why True Value

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True Value is a dominant retail brand. It’s a brand that’s recognized, understood and respected in the marketplace — a brand that is trusted because it stands for quality, value and expertise. Consumers have given True Value top ratings in providing expert advice and knowledgeable, friendly service.

This consumer confidence is reflected in our tagline, "Behind every project is a True Value." We want do-it-yourselfers to know that True Value retailers have the products and expertise to help them get projects done right.

True Value Company is not a franchise. It is a member-owned cooperative providing services to its members. All stores are independent and free to conduct their business operations as they choose.

Top 9 reasons to open a True Value store

We provide a


opening stock order
inventory credit*

As a True Value® retailer, you have access to an array of opportunities that will help you win with your customers and grow in your local market.

Retailers who participate in the New Store program have access to these benefits:


  • 100% opening stock order inventory credit*
  • Store survey
  • Floor plan
  • Merchandise coordination
  • Grand opening support


  • Project manager
  • Professional merchandisers
  • Suggested pricing plan
  • Two-year marketing plan
  • New store onboarding

True Value gives you the flexibility to utilize the optional add-ons that meet your individual needs. True Value loan covers approved project-related costs of up to $25 per square foot of True Value related space, not to exceed $400,000. Interest rate is prime rate plus three percent, adjusted annually.

*Opening stock order inventory credit applies to True Value recommended planogram quantities only.

Innovative store formatOur industry-leading Destination True Value (DTV) format is a customized store design that incorporates proven traffic patterns, merchandising layout plans and informative, attention-getting signage. This format also offers specialized planograms to create store-within-a-store opportunities such as Weber® grills, sporting goods, home or even a True Value® Gardens live goods department. DTV stores generate 50% higher median retail sales per store, and 42% higher median retail transactions per store than stores not participating in the program.*

Tailored Floor plans

No matter how big or small your space may be, we have a DTV option to meet your needs. The format is comprised of 13 core product categories that offer 1,200 choices of core hardware assortments.

Ongoing Support

You can count on True Value to provide you with expert assistance every step of the way. At the start of your project you will meet your True Value Project Manager who will oversee your store’s transformation for up to six weeks. This person will be assisted by a group of individuals who are dedicated to your long-term success. After that, your go-to person will be your Retail Consultant who will be on call to assist with day-to-day planning and to help improve your business.

*Source: 2012 Retail Sales and Transactions

Lowest capitol stock requirement in the industryWhen launching a business, a big concern is how much money you have to invest with our co-op to get it off the ground. Our capital stock requirement is considerably lower than those of our competitors—in fact, it’s the lowest in the industry. This means you have more capital on hand to use for your business. Additionally, our retailers are vested faster and achieve their capital stock requirements faster than the industry standard.

True Value Paint - The value of shared momentsOur 13 Regional Distribution Centers stock more than 86,000 items. There are lots of choices to customize product assortments for specific markets. As a member you can choose from national brands or our many comparable private label brands that yield a higher profit margin for you. In fact, our Green Thumb® private label brand netted over $70 Million in sales in 2013 and we expect the brand to grow 8%−10% annually for the next several years. We also own our paint factory, so in addition to making significant contributions to our bottom line, we can control our own brand, monitor quality and lower the cost to you. Watch a tour of our paint factory or view on YouTube.com.

The co-op that empowers

The strength of an iconic brand comes from how well it serves its customers. True Value® has worked hard, right alongside do-it-yourselfers and contractors from the beginning−supporting our neighbors and offering expert advice. When customers think of True Value they think of a solid company with quality brand name and comparable private label products chosen to get the job done quickly and efficiently. When you join our co-op family you are empowered by scores of people—from our field staff to the associates at our Retail Support Center, Retail Distribution Centers and paint manufacturing plant.

We’re driving change at True Value to center everything we do on helping our retailers, affiliates and supply partners connect to more customers and become more relevant in their lives. A key part of that effort is a new brand strategy that focuses on the emotional side of what we do to empower our customers−enabling the satisfaction of a job well done. This focus on satisfaction sets us apart from others in our category that emphasize products and helpful attributes. This new branding approach is designed to connect True Value to a new generation of hardware customers.


Our new customer

While our competitors continue to target their existing customer, we’ve developed a futuristic brand strategy to reach a new generation. Connecting with a younger customer is essential for your growth. Because many Millennial consumers (ages 25-34) are purchasing their first homes and starting families, there is tremendous business opportunity for True Value. Our brand position appeals to them by aligning with their goals and aspirations. We call these active hands-on young people “Achievers.” To truly understand what motivates them, take a look at these facts. These customers:

  • Believe their home is an expression of who they are*
  • Enjoy showing off their home*
  • Are influential in their social circle*
  • 60% of likely first-time buyers are under 35**
  • 40% of those under 35 are somewhat or very likely to buy their first home in the next year**
  • Are less likely to own tools; in fact they represent more than 1/3 of those buying tools**

In addition, the 25-34-year-old Achiever spends more in the home improvement category per year; $1,695 vs. $1,481 spent by those 45-54 years old.**

Brand Strategy

Reaching our new customer

We reach the Achievers where they live—through social media, including Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube® and Pinterest®; blogs and the Internet. Studies show that 90% of Achievers reported the highest usage of the Internet to get information about home improvement projects and products.*** Our three websites: TrueValue.com, TrueValueProjects.com and TrueValuePaint.com are geared toward this new customer, who looks for easy-to-access information. Achievers are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to access home improvement information and products. When customers visit TrueValue.com on their smartphones, they have access to all of our sites in a mobile-optimized format.

* Source, MRI.
**Source:MRI, National Association of Retailers.
***Source: Consumer Pulse Study, Q3/Q4, 2013.

As your own boss, you know your market and, more specifically, your customers. True Value® offers a variety of effective marketing solutions to support you in staying connected to existing customers and reaching new ones. In fact, we are the only hardware co-op to return 1% of handled purchases for you to use for local marketing. We offer local and paint co-op programs along with a variety of vendor co-op options. You choose the programs that fit your specific market.


of handled
purchases is


to use for
local marketing

Printed circulars

Local circulars and those zoned by region are available monthly. On average, stores that participate in 12 or more of our circular events realize 50% higher sales compared to stores that did not participate.* Each circular you subscribe to includes a FREE point-of-purchase (POP) sign kit and a Monthly Merchandising Presentation Guide to help you prepare for the upcoming event. You also receive access to online versions of your circulars that can be linked to Facebook® and other social networking sites.


The AdBuilder website allows you to create custom local advertising online. It includes hundreds of FREE templates for newspaper ads, postcards and bag stuffers, along with radio scripts, posters, public relations materials and web banners.


Studies have shown that our target customer prefers researching products online before going into the store. Our Ship-to-Store E-commerce program allows customers to order certain products online and pick them up in the store. This option drives additional in-store sales. In fact, over 80% of TrueValue.com customers report visiting a True Value location to pick up their order.** Customers who made additional purchases when picking up their online order spent an average of $35 in add-on products.*** Plus, our Members retain 100% of the retail margin on ship-to-store purchases.

Local Website

Developing and maintaining a website is often time-consuming and expensive. Our TruSite® website program is the perfect solution. This FREE website includes rotating features, links to circulars, coupons, store information and DIY project links, to name a few.

Stores who participate in



see almost





per store vs.
non-participating stores*

True Value Rewards® Card

Our exclusive True Value Rewards (TVR) program promotes loyalty by rewarding customers for shopping at your store. Participants earn points toward valuable rewards certificates, receive promotional offers and get special in-store prices via a TVR-version circular. Our Members have access to store-specific reporting, key customer information and co-own their own data. TVR customers spent 30% more per transaction than non-Rewards customers.* In fact, for every dollar spent through the program, Members make a 310% return on investment.*

Gift Card Program

We offer customers the convenience of True Value gift cards. Gift cards are available in a variety of seasonal designs and can be purchased and redeemed in-store or at TrueValue.com. Total gift card activations in 2013 totaled $2.8M.**

Credit Card Program

True Value has partnered with Discover® to offer your customers a co-branded credit card. The benefit to you is that customers tend to use this card to make large purchases. In fact, in 2013, the average transaction with our co-branded True Value Discover credit card was $217.46.** Consumers who qualify for this card can use it anywhere Discover is accepted and receive 3% earnings on True Value purchases, 2% earnings on gas and grocery purchases and 1% earnings on all other purchases in the form of True Value Dollars.

*Source: 2013 Retail Sales and Transactions
** Source: 2013 True Value Program Data

What is community? At True Value, we believe it boils down to one simple concept—connecting people. We’re committed to connecting with retailers, customers, suppliers and the community at large. You’ll appreciate the fact that many of our stores are owned by people who know their customers by name. True Value connects people in a broader sense too, by providing programs that help make communities better. And, we also connect our Members with folks who are going to help them grow their business, whether they are associates, suppliers or fellow Members.

Being the Best Home Improvement Store in Town

Our vision is to help each of our stores to become the best home improvement store in town. It takes hard work, dedication and a real knack for customer service. But once you achieve that distinction in your town, the results are truly rewarding. As the best hardware store in town, our Members provide a vital service to the community. Whether they’re offering sage advice on a do-it-yourself project or stocking just the right products, people count on them. That’s what community is all about.

Since 2008, True Value
Foundation has invested
more than




of underserved


and youth

True Value Foundation®

Our foundation is dedicated to nurturing the future of underserved children and youth through education and social support. We are proud to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, an organization that promotes health, social, educational, vocational and leadership development for at-risk kids. Our Painting a Brighter Future® program provides grants for up to 40 gallons of paint to more than 100 schools each year. Since 2009, we’ve covered more than 7.2-million square feet of classrooms with a fresh coat of assistance. And, each June, the True Value Foundation sponsors the Charity Golf Classic. True Value vendors and suppliers of the co-op donate to the event and all proceeds benefit our True Value Foundation initiatives.

Note: The True Value programs and other information contained herein are effective as of the copyright date. True Value reserves the right to modify or terminate any of its programs, as well as to update the information set forth herein at any time.

True Value® associates embrace six values that help guide our behavior and support the objectives of our co-op.

Driven to Succeed—We are committed to growth through innovative thinking, strategic risk taking and decisive action.

  • I proactively create and implement new ways of doing things
  • I embrace and drive change
  • I make tough decisions and take smart risks
  • I take action to get the job done right and on time

Integrity—We are honest and ethical in our actions.

  • I follow our code of conduct and business ethics
  • I care about the impact I have on others
  • I accept responsibility for my actions
  • I keep my promises

Customer First—We are passionately committed to understanding− by exceeding expectations and serving our retailers, customer, and each other.

  • I listen to understand
  • I anticipate needs
  • I demonstrate a sense of urgency
  • I deliver the highest quality service

Teamwork—We believe in the power of collaboration.

  • We work together and across functions to achieve a common goal
  • We take time to help each other
  • We keep each other informed
  • We are inclusive in our decision making

Respect—We treat each other with dignity and value independent thinking and diversity.

  • I appreciate and honor all backgrounds, differences and perspectives
  • I welcome all ideas, opinions and feedback
  • I give my opinion and feedback in a respectful way
  • I help people feel valued, appreciated and included

Stewardship—We are responsible for protecting our retailers' investments, growing our business and people, and contributing positively to our communities.

  • I protect the good name of True Value
  • I am fiscally responsible and make decisions as if this were my own business
  • I continuously improve and contribute to our success and growth
  • I get involved and give back