Reasons to Own

We’re better together. True Value Company is a cooperative made up of independently owned and operated retailers. By joining the cooperative, your retail establishment will benefit from the strength of the True Value brand and the cooperative buying power.  But unlike a franchise operation, True Value Company gives you – the independent retailer – the right to decide how your business will operate.  We will provide you with programs that may help your retail operation, but you will determine which programs work for your store.

True Value Brand

True Value is a dominant retail brand. It’s a brand that’s recognized, understood and respected in the marketplace – a brand that is trusted because it stands for quality, value and expertise. Consumers have given True Value top ratings in providing expert advice and knowledgeable, friendly service.


We’ll work together to create design options for your store. Our store format easily adapts to urban and rural stores of many shapes and sizes, as well as important niche businesses. Flexible buying opportunities are available to address unique market pressures. These capitalize on consumer seasonal trends.

Buying Power

We offer the products each market demands. Our merchandising team is always hard at work negotiating the best prices on core hardware items and developing hot new products to create assortments and buying programs that work. With more than 70,000 items in stock, there are lots of choices to customize product assortments for specific markets. Supported by thousands of vendors, True Value offers an industry leading selection of national brands, plus customized, regional assortments.

Marketing Tools

Rely on the expertise of the True Value Marketing team to provide the right planning guidance and creative solutions that will attract customers and grow sales. One size doesn’t fit all. So, participation in programs is optional. They are tailored to fit specific markets because no one knows them better than the retailers who operate businesses there.