Meet Our Family

“One thing that’s important to me, but it may not be important to other people because they don’t realize it, is how the company helps out in emergencies. Back when Katrina hit in 2005, our Zip code was blocked out from UPS shipping and the freight trucks. But True Value gave me a truck out of the Atlanta warehouse the second day and every day for the next 30 days.”

Marshall Smith,
Gulf Sales and Supply
Pascagoula, Mississippi


“Our store has been in business 40 years. I got involved with MRO because I saw it as an opportunity to grow our sales and our business without waiting for people to come to us. We do a lot of marketing to get people to come to the store. But, with MRO, we can reach out to businesses that might not realize we have or can get the supplies they need. It also allowed me to reach customers who were already coming to our store for things they see on the shelf, but didn't realize there’s a world of products that we can acquire and supply to them.”

Jared Littman,
K&B True Value,
Annapolis, Maryland


“We look at other programs with different co-ops. We needed to join a company that could be flexible. We’re not like a traditional MRO that sends product out of a single location. We send it all over the country. True Value’s distribution centers are all over the country, so it gives us a big footprint. We were able to tell our customers we can get you stuff in three days. It cuts down on transportation damage because we’re not going far.”

Mike Lindell,
Complete Packaging,
Freeport, New York