Meet Our Family

Why I Joined True Value International

Retailer Pablo Cuaron shares his reasons for joining the True Value International family.

“Our store was more oriented for wholesale. Joining True Value helped us change from an old-fashioned store to a modern, female-friendly retail business. I think our customers are happier. The world is changing. People want to go to a store where they can pick up the things they need and still get help and advice.”

Kenny Yuja,
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

“We've had several extensive remodels because we are investing in ourselves to bring a U.S.-style superstore to Bermuda. We wanted to make the investment because a lot of Bermudians will fly overseas to shop. Being a True Value member has given us easy access to a much wider variety of products. Whereas most stores have a challenge in getting products to the island in full containers, we get ours in about 10 days.”

Andrew Mackay,
Gorham's, Bermuda