About Rental

  • Holland, MI
  • Greeneville, TN
  • Springfield, IL
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Concord, NH

With the acquisition of our rental division in 1984, True Value became the first national co-op to focus on the profit potential of the rental industry. We offered rental dealers’ substantial buying power and as an independent owner a licensed program with more benefits than were offered by existing groups within the industry. Today, Taylor Rental Center and Grand Rental Station are registered trademarks of the True Value Company. Both of these freestanding rental operations offer unique merchandising concepts. Their programs are progressive and have been developed using industry best practices that set the benchmark for excellence.

As a leader in the general equipment rental industry, True Value Rental has a positive vision of the future. We strive to expand and enhance the value of each rental location by establishing an operational system and culture committed to outstanding customer service and offering superior products.